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When you write about an event that actually happened to you... Such as your SCARIEST MOMENT or BEST VACATION
Don't TELL me about your vacation... _________ me!
E_________, Explain, and Entertain!
If you write a story about yourself it will probably be in __________ order.
Another word that means the same as your answer to number 4. It starts with S.
You should capitalize these types of nouns:
This is the ONLY pronoun you ALWAYS need to capitalize:
Which school subject should be capitalized? Science, Math, Spanish, or Algebra?
What word makes this title incorrectly capitalized: Of Mice And Men
A chunk of a story is called an _________
What is William Porter's Pseudonym?
The author above wrote a very ________ story- with many unexpected twists and turns.
'Don't count your chickens before they are hatched' is a figurative saying or _________ that apply to the story above.
This is a lesson you can take from the story; or in other words the ______________.
'Heaven help the wolves'-- the kidnappers are being compared to wolves in this _____________.
Today Teeter told us to type.. is an example of _____________
The sound was repeated in what part of the words?
This next word is NOT a magic trick. But what if a book MENTIONS David Copperfield? This would be an:
Another word for #20 is: R____________
'You're doing great with this; you're on fire!' Take this _____________, not literally.
'I bet you have a lot of words RUNNING through you mind right now' is an example of:
___________ are like smiles; because they both make me happy when you use them!
Does the comma go before or after the quotation marks?
How can you remember that rule?
New speaker = New_____________
Never put a ____________ between a direct quote and the speaker tag.
You are writing about the theme of a story. You should start with a ____________ that catches the readers attention.
If you are writing about a book, don't forget to mention the __________ in your topic sentence.
Make sure your _________________ connect to your theme you are trying to prove.
Your last sentence of your paragraph is your ____________. This wraps it up!
Best team in the NFL

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