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All cells in the body except the reproductive cells
consists of G1,S, and G2
cell division that occurs in somatic cells
chromosomes appear and nuclear membrane breaks down
Chromosomes line up on the equitorial plane
Sister chromatids are pulled apart
Daughter cells begin to form
contains genetic information
Pairs of chromosomes that appear similar
Chart that examines homologous chromosomes
Cell division of the reproductive cells
cell that contains half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell
cell that contains the total number of chromosomes in the body
Homologous chromosomes match up and cross over
homologous chromosomes are pulled apart
exchange of chromosomal segments between a pair of homologous chromosomes
trisomy 21
when homologous chromosomes or sister chromotides do not separate during anaphase 1 or 2
traits are determined by pairs of alleles that segregate during meiosis
the genetic combination of alleles for a trait
the physical characteristics that an organism displays
genotype that has two identical alleles
genotype that has two different allels of a gene
flowchart to show inheritance patterns of traits in a family
inheritance of a dominant phenotype whose gene is on an autosomal chromosome
condition where crossing a red flower with a white flower results in a pink flower
condition where both alleles for a trait are equally dominant
genes that are on the same chromosome and are inherited together
trait controlled by genes on the X of the Y chromosome
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