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QUIZ: Can you name the Athletes that starred in these Sportscenter Commercials?

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DescriptionPlayerFamous Line
Stuart Scott makes lunch plans with this athlete who is followed around through the office by a large crowd
This athlete powers ESPN studios by his bicycle
Kenny Mayne and Stuart Scott run a training camp for rookies.
The Georgetown Hoyas Mascot does donuts with this Nascar Drivers car in the parking lot
This players saves people from a building during a fire drill
This MLB player is found smashing computers during Y2k tests
These Brothers engage in horseplay during a tour of the Sportscenter Studio
This MLB manager tries to call the bullpen but instead reaches Neil Everett
This WR brainstorms new touchdown celebrations
Scott Van Pelt chats with this athlete about Minnesota
This athlete breaks in Jorge Posadas hat
Scott Van Pelt switches chairs with this athlete
An MLB player walks down the hall to people cheering his name
Dan Patrick hits this WWE Superstar with a metal chair to help him study
Jim Kelly watches as this player forgets to remove his Superbowl rings while going through a metal detector
This player works for ESPN as a receptionist
The Big Three show up wearing the same uniforms
DescriptionPlayerFamous Line
This player has trouble with a paper jam
This NFL player sorts mail in the mail room in his jersey and helmet
This Fitness instructor whipped the Anchors into shape
This NFL star is on a Mardi Gras float that is too big for the gate
Kenny Mayne pokes fun at this Womens Basketball Coach
Kenny Mayne tries to describe this NFL WR's speed
Steve Levy and Jay Harris watch this MLB player eat a snack
This athlete is soaking wet and no computers will work for him
John Anderson and Steve Levy refer to this player as The Machine
This MLB star tries to help Scott Van Pelt with his 'poor peformance
Neil Everett discussed top ten rankings with this tennis player
This NFL player follows around Jay Harris trying to convince him his haircut looks fine while catching falling objects
Josh Elliot asks this NFL player for his computer password
An NBA player dressed as a reporter shows up after Hannah Storm set a coffee machine on fire. She said she was lucky Superman had showed up
This NHL Legend runs Sportscenter like a hockey practice
This MLB player tries to set a recording for his voicemail
This athlete gets frustrated and kicks a copy machine for it only to spit out a yellow card and later a red card
DescriptionPlayerFamous Line
This MLB player and Stan Verrett play around with a 3D camera
This agent negotiates Scott Van Pelts and Neil Everetts lunch prices
This agent fights for special privileges for Scott Van Pelt
This Nascar driver uses a pick axe to destroy a speed bump in the parking lot
This MLB star helps Jay Harris type faster
This man wrestles the Florida Gator mascot in the ESPN studio
This schools mascot guilts John Anderson into recycling
This teams mascot is asked by Jay Harris if he is going up on the elevator
Word is spread that this NFL is star is coming back for another season
Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt are in awe while this legend prepares his famous drink
Scott Van Pelt discusses nicknames with this NFL star
Stuart Scott gives a can of giant worms to this female tennis star
An executive was forced to fire this MLB mascot due to budget costs
Scott Van Pelt borrows gear from this NBA star to do the show
This NBA star does errands for Stuart Scott
The Phillie Phanatic decides to use this MLB players razor

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