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Can You Name The Black Butler Characters?

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Forced Order
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Hint...Your AnswerMy comments on character
Young Master or BocchanMy baby!!!!! MINE!!!!!
Phantomhive butlerdemon!!!!!
Phantomhive maiduseless
Phantomhive Gardeneruseless
Phantomhive 'chef'useless
The Phantomhive Earl's FianceUseless (she gets in the way of sebaciel)
Fiance's MaidJingle Jingle!!!
'Your Highness' (aka bipolar freak)He is Gayyyyyyyyyyyy
Bipolar freak's butlerHow long is his freaking tounge?????
Hint...Your AnswerMy comments on character
Bipolar Freak's 'Maid'Ms. Titties Is Here!!!! (I'm a girl btw)
The demon triplets that don't deserve to serve Bipolar feakNo commas in the answer just spaces
Freaky angel (female)no. just no.
Freaky Angel (male)Pyromaniac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Police InspectorPsssst The one that got a sword to the chest
Doll makerLondon Bridge is FALLING DOWN
Creepy Blonde WomanizerLOBSTER QUADERELLE!!!!!!!!
Indian PrinceHis name doesn't need prince in front of it here
Right Hand Of KaliAnd the trump card is: BLACK PEPPER!!!

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