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Can you name the multi-word movie titles with elements in their names?

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Movie nameMissing elementTwo-bit commentary
Big _____ Dog (1999)Perhaps this forgettable film starring Kevin Smith should just float away up into the sky
_____ Springs (2004)The plot line 'Offbeat Adventurer stumbles across the Fountain of Youth and the long-lost treasure of Ponce de Leon' isn't really going to help
_____ Copy (1981)'A white corporate executive is surprised to discover that he has a black teen-age son who can't wait to be adopted into the, almost-exclusively-white community of, San Marino, California.' This was before the PC movement, obviously.
The _____ Bible (1995)Dennis Leary lit it up in this one.
_____ Death Kiss (2010)'When their learned and cerebral quest to kill off the last zombie goes awry, four zombie assassins meet their match.' Zombie films make me thirsty.
_____ Man (2008)No joke---the title and plot line for this film are inspired by another (SLIGHTLY more well-known) film on this list.
_____ Towers (1999)This movie stars Brian Dennehy and a no-name Baldwin brother, so you know it has to be terrible. Alternate hint would have been ___ Valley.
The _____ Quest (1990)'Two children are teleported to a magical island and search for the giant {{element name}} to save it.' Seriously?? (Not to be mistaken with the World War I battle)
The _____ Kid (2004)Orlando Bloom plays a local milkman/amateur boxer. Not making that up.
_____ Man (2008)Finally, a movie you've heard of. Comic book hero turned big screen hero.
The _____ Children (2005)Starred Jeremy Sisto, Tom Sizemore, and some other folks who actually have pictures on IMDB. Movie title sounds better than 'The 5-cent Children'
_____ Mountain (1983)Jim Carrey, Alan Thicke, and a 2.1 rating on IMDB. Probably not worth even a penny to go see.
Movie nameMissing elementTwo-bit commentary
_____ and Old Lace (1944)Adapted from a play by the same name and stars Cary Grant.
Fantastic 4: Rise of the _____ Surfer (2007)You shouldn't need much help with this one.
Finding Rin _____ _____ (2007)Most are more familiar with the old TV show than this movie.
Little _____ (1946)Based off a two-panel comic strip involving a trouble-making little girl. The element itself is sued as a contrast dye for x-rays.
_____ Blonde (1931/1988/2001)The 1931 version, starring Jean Harlow and directed by Frank Capra, is most well-known of the three.
Fool's _____ (2008)McConaughey/Hudson treasurehunting movie. Ugh. Couldn't some of the Bond films be named differently?
_____ Rising (1998)Bruce Willis 'won' a Razzie for his performance in this one.
Take the _____ (2006)Antonio Banderas inner-city dancing movie. I cheated on this one---the missing word is not pronounced like the element.
The Great _____ Mystery (1919)Maybe they should have asked Marie Curie.
Dig That _____ (1955)It seems movies with this element's name fall into two camps: Cold War era films about the rush to mine it, and modern films about deformed children.
_____ Baby (1987)'Danny's mother was contaminated by radiation poisoning at the time of his birth. Years have passed, and Danny begins to go on a killing rampage.'

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