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Key Word
a headscarf worn by Muslim women for modesty
someone who achieves power through fear
meaning 'struggle''--is the duty to pursue all means to further Islam. This drives many Muslims to engage in violence in the name of Islam.
someone who dies for their beliefs
the Middle Eastern region including many cities, relics, and architectural features of importance to the three main monotheistic religions.
the original name of Malcolm X
a prominent leader of the Nation of Islam, closely followed by Malcolm X
a group based on Islam, but founded to further the cause of African American rights.
meaning 'surrender', one of the fastest growing religions in the world.
the holy book for Muslims, this was considered a direct recitation by the prophet of Allah's words.
the holy site of pilgrimage for Muslims, ideally visited once in every Muslim's lifetime.
found in Mecca, a large black stone object with Old Testament significance.
the traditions of the prophet, and his example.
the act of giving to the poor. In Arabic, 'zakat'.
giving oneself up to something else
a holy place of worship for Muslims, where jum'ah is held.
the leader of a mosque community
the preacher of a jum'ah service in the mosque
a journey to a holy site
Key Word
laying down
the Messiah for Christians
the form of Christianity that rebelled against the Pope during the Reformation
the 'papa' of the Catholic church
the change from the bread and wine to the body and blood--literally
the holy book for Christians
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--all God
the nature of Jesus as 100% human and 100% God
the saving of souls to go to heaven
a time of waiting for Christ before Christmas
a time of reflection before Easter
the birth of Jesus
the baptism of Jesus, also the celebration of the 3 Kings
the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus
the 'fiftieth day'--the birthday of the church--when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles
a celebration of a new stage of life, where the grace of God plays out in someone's life through a ritual
lifting the mind and heart to God

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