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Can you name the Pardus Sectors (FRC)?

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Can be dangerous if you take a shortcut
It's very easy to miss the SB here if you are just flying through
One of the 2 sectors with 4 wormholes
The only class G in the FRC
The other half of very popular trade route.
You can't fly through the whole sector without leaving it at least once
One of the many passes
Sounds similar to a sector in FHC
Has too many 's'es and 'a's in the name.
Also dangerous if you stray from the main path
Home to one of the largest planets in the universe.
Planet class matches first letter of sector.
Another sector split in two, but with a planet this time.
Has an NPC SB
Just guess. I'm outta hints.
Home to FRC's only slave trader.
This class M is probably the furthest away from ematter
Home to one of the largest asteroid fields in the FRC
One of the many passes
Homeworld. Enough said
Ematter. Enough said
A choke, but not a pass sector
Home of the largest NPC SB in the universe.
One of the many passes
Is right beside the ematter souce, has nebula gas, but no planet.
One of the many passes
Access to a pass sector
Access to dragons.
One of the many passes
You can look creatures but you can't shoot them.

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