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what is one cause of ww1
what defenses were used on the battle field
what changed European attitubes
European attitudes on war
The spark that started ww1
what style warfare was fought
What country mobilized in support of Serbia?
What deadly type of weapon did the Germans begin to use?
Who were the allied powers
Who were the central powers
What happened to the Russian Czar and his family
What weapons were use in World War 1
How many people died in World War 1
Who was assassinated to start World War 1
How'd the US get enough men to fight in the war
Where did the leaders meet to work out a peace treaty
Who represented the US at the meeting
What was his peace plan called
What organization for peace did he want to start
Treaty of Versailles
What is Nationalism
War of Attrition
What is No Man's Land
What is mustard gas

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