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The area of a ___ is pi times the square of the radius
The ratio of the area of a sector of a circle to the area of the whole circle is equal to
The formula for the area of a rectangle or the area of a parallelogram is A=___
The distance around a circle
According to the area congruence postulate, if two polygons are congruent, then ___
The ________ of a circle is pi times d or 2 times pi times r
Region bound by two radii of a circle and their intercepted arc
The measure of the likelihood that an event will occur
The area of a regular n-gon is one half the product of the _______ and the perimeter
A portion of the circumference of a circle
The area of a ___ is one half the product of the height and the sum of the bases
A=1/2 bh is the formula fro the area of a ___
According to the area addition postulate, the area of a region is the sum of the ___
Distance from the center of a polygon to any side of the polygon
Ratio that involves geometric measure such as length or area
Angle formed by two radii drawn to consecutive vertices of the polygon
A=s^2 is the formula for the area of a _____
In a circle, the ratio of the length of a given arc to the circumference is equal to
The area of a rhombus or a kite is ___
The perpendicular distance between the bases of a parallelogram or a trapezoid is known as the ____
The ____ of a parallelogram are either pair of parallel sides
If two polygons are similar with the lengths of corresponding sides in the ratio _____, then the ratio of the areas is a^2:b^2

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