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What Canadian province is immediately east of the province in which these cities are found: Red deer, Medicine Hat, Banff, Calgary?
Of gold, mica, latex, salt water, fiberglass and alcohol, which is a nonmetal conductor?
What bird is associated with death?
At Henrietta's Haberdashery, you can have a half-dozen hopelessly hokey Halloween hats for $4.80. How many could you get for $24?
Over half the world's coal, estimated at some four trillion tons, is on what continent?
What two countries are separated by the Bering Strait?
What civilization began as a city-state in approximately 753 B.C. and ended over 1200 years later as a decaying empire in 476 A.D.?
Name one of the two countries that have the yin-yang symbol on their national flags?
The deltoid muscle in the shoulder got its name because it resembles what plane geometric figure?
What bird was slaughtered by plume hunters to make hats? Egret, snipe, condor, oriole, ptarmigan?
What does a heliologist study?
The Republican Party is also known by what abbreviation?
This is from what story? The two possessions of the James Dillingham Youngs in which they took a mighty pride were Jim's gold watch and Della's hair.
The second part of 'Goodnight Ladies' begins with 'Merrily, we roll along.' This same tune is also used in a children's song about what kind of young mammal?
A Chernobyl chicken farmer expects 4.5% of every batch of new eggs to hatch as three-legged chicks. If 2200 eggs hatch in this week's batch, how many will have a 3rd leg?

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