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Congress has the power to secure time limited rights to authors and inventors to protect writings and discoveries. Name one such right granted.
What term refers to the layer formed by the tallest trees and branches in a forest?
The Greek gods were believed to reside on what mountain?
What mining technique involves removing all of the overburden in order to expose the desired mineral body?
What word in this sentence is a predicate noun? That man with the silly hat and the plastic worm in his nose is my uncle.
A group of citizens or businesses that attempt to influence congressional decisions is sometimes referred to as a 'PAC.' For what does this abbreviation stand?
'The Gateway to the West' is the nickname for what U.S. city?
What three French words that literally mean 'stroke of mercy' are used idiomatically in English for 'the final blow'?
What are the front cutting teeth called?
A rapid and continued succession of short notes on a drum is called a ...
In what ancient city-state did these things occur? Weak children were put to death. Boys left their families at age 7 for army training. Men served in the army from age 20 - 60?
What opera written in 1854 by Engelbert Humperdinck tells of a brother and sister who go to pick berries but get lost in a forest inhabited by a child-eating witch?
Complete this line by Kermit the Frog. Time's fun when you're having ...
The colossal, earth-orbiting telescope launched in 1990 was named after which astronomer?
Muscles are attached to bones by ___.

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