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Which creature is central to Arthur Conan Doyle's story about the murder of Sir Charles Baskerville?
What is most reduced through the use of superconductors?
Twenty-five square yards of carpeting is equivalent to how many square feet?
Animate or inanimate objects considered to have a blood or supernatural relationship to a clan or race were carved into tree trunks by American Indians. Name these objects.
What one color appears in idioms with these meanings? unexpected, loyal, aristocratic, depression
He was a king of Macedonia and Greece. He conquered the entire Persian Empire from the Aegean Sea to India and around the Mediterranean to Egypt. He cut the Gordian knot. Name him.
What brass or copper hemispherical drum can be adjusted by handles which alter the tension of the head?
A person who joins the majority after withholding support until the popular majority is clearly known is climbing aboard or jumping on what type of conveyance?
Give the call sign of the international distress signal
What is the name for the process of washing small amounts of dirt and gravel to look for gold?
BTU is a quantity of heat. What does the abbreviation stand for?
In the game of jacks, how many prongs are there on a each jack?
In the 4th millennium B.C., the invention that marked the beginning of agricultural civilization was a device drawn by oxen. Name this device.
According to the rhyme, Monday's child is fair of face and Tuesday's child is full of grace. What is Wednesday's child full of?
Spies who work for two rival nations at the same time are called ...

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