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A textbook with these words in its index is about what form of art? crackle, earthenware, enamel, firing, glazing, throwing
Laika, the world's first space traveler, was what kind of creature?
In 1917, Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour drafted a declaration that advocated establishment of a Jewish homeland in what British mandate?
In an audience of 500 people, exactly 80% were adults. How many children were in the audience?
Of alder, maple, hickory, spruce, poplar, sycamore, juniper, chestnut, which are not deciduous?
What did Ben Franklin advocate as the national symbol of the US?
What phrase referring to the Roman Emperor Nero is sometimes applied to a person or agency that is indifferent to a terrible calamity? (4 words)
What idiom meaning 'to cause me to be very happy and fulfilled' was popularized by Clint Eastwood in a 1983 movie? (3 words)
In the ordeal by cold water, the accused was bound and tossed into a river. If the accused was guilty they would _____
Lone star is to Texas as wolverine is to...
What is the three-letter abbreviation for an informal written memorandum of indebtedness?
Mary Edwards Walker was the only woman ever awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. In what war did she serve?
Muscles that straighten two bones at joints are called extensors. What is the name for muscles that cause two bones to bend at joints?
Circle is to circumference as polygon is to _____?
At about mile eighteen to twenty, most marathon runners feel they simply cannot go any farther. What 3 word phrase describes this point in the race?

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