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conjugate 'aller'
conjugate 'avoir'
How do you say 'on Fridays'?
How do you say 'she likes ham'?
conjugate 'être'
conjgate 'finir'
What day comes after 'mardi' ?
what month comes before 'septembre'?
write 'January 15th' in French.
translate 'what time is it?'
'it's 9:45 pm
'we are hungry'
'you (plural) are thirsty.
'How old are you?' (singular/informal)
'He is 15 years old'
which three words mean 'my'
'what's this?'
'these are (some) chairs'
'she likes his bird'
'we eat her sandwich'
translate into French: You (plural) really like to dance.
Translate into French: She studies a little.
What is considered the first day of the week in France?
Are there more dogs than children in France? (yes or no)
Which is the most popular month for French people to take a vacation?

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