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Indiana Jones real name?
The suffix to Indiana's name?
Who is Indiana named after?
Indiana's most popular nickname?
State Indiana was born in?
City Indiana was born in?
Indiana's father's name?
Indiana's mother's name?
Country Indiana's father is from?
Indiana Jones birthday?
Indiana childhood tutor?
Indiana's first love?
President Indiana meets in Africa?
What year did Indiana's mother die?
What artifact did Indiana find in 1912?
What was Indiana's first job?
What year does the family dog die?
What is the name of schoolteacher Indiana falls in love with?
What is the first college Indiana graduates from?
What degree did he obtain?
What College did Indiana attend next?
What degree did he obtain?
What did Indiana go to college to become?
Who made Indiana pursue archaeology?
Who disapproved of change to archaeology?
What is the first college Indiana teaches at?
What is the name of Indiana's first wife?
What happened to Indiana's first wife?
What did Indiana discover in 1927?
Where was Indiana's third teaching job?
What artifact did Indiana Jones trade an old Chinese emperor for?
Who did he make this trade with?
Tired to pickpocket Indiana Jones?
Famous American singer from Missouri?
What country does Indiana and company land in after the plan crash?
What brand perfume does Willie sprinkle on her elephant?
What was the artifact Indiana returned?
What were the name of the worshippers?
Which Hindu God did the cult worship?
A friend of yours? A competitor.
What artifact was Indiana looking for in South America?
What main artifact did Indiana discover in 1936?
What was the name of Indiana secretary?
Who did Indiana study under at the University of Chicago?
What is Abner's daughter's name?
What country does Indiana find Abner's daughter?
What skill does Marion have?
Name of archaeologist also looking for he ark?
Name of the ship the ark is transported on?
Name of the captain of the previous ship?
Where does Indiana meet Sallah?
What was found in the ark when it was open?
Name of the bar Marion opens in New York?
What is the fourth college Indiana teaches at?
What language does Indiana's father make him count to twenty in?
What rank boy scout was Indiana?
What his father been working on his whole life?
Who recruits Indiana to go after the holy grail?
Who teams up with Indiana and Marcus in Italy?
Who autographs the grail diary?
Who does Indiana disguise himself as at the Austrian castle?
What did he go and catch?
What is Indiana's good luck charm?
Who fell to their death over the cliff?
What shape valley did they go through to find the grail?
How many tests does one have to pass to obtain the grail?
What can the grail not pass over?
What does Indiana find in 1939?
Who contacts Indiana in 1941?
What does Indiana search for in 1943?
Where was Indiana Jones kidnapped and taken to in 1957?
What was he digging in the sand for?
Who contacts Indiana to find Harold Oxley?
If you want to be a good archaeologist what must you do?
What kind of scorpions should bite you?
Who is the enemy in this movie?
Where is the crystal skull found?
What does Mutt like to do?
What skill does Mutt have?
Who is Indiana traveling with at the start of the movie?
Don't call it a snake, call it a
What is Mutt William's real name?
Who is Mutt's step-father?
Who is Mutt's real father?
Who is Mutt's mother?
Three times it drops. What drops?
What does the crystal belong too?
What position is Indiana awarded when he returns?
How many languages does Indiana speak?
What type of weapon does he carry?
What is his favorite type of pistol?
What is Indiana afraid of?
What is his father afraid of?
What was Indiana sister's name?
What happened to his sister?
What type of dog was Indiana?
How did Indiana get the scar on his chin?
What type of music does Indiana like to listen too?
What instrument does Indiana know how to play?
'It's not the years honey, it's the ______'

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