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Does Bromothymol Blue (BTB) change color in the presence of CO2? If so, what color? (put a period between answers)
_________ is the process in which organisms break down carbon containing molecules for energy, and then release the carbon as CO2 into the atmosphere.
Photosynthesis occurs more during which season?
Does most of the photosynthesis on Earth happen on land or in the ocean?
Yah or Nah? Carbon flow is when carbon moves from one reservoir to another.
True or false? The mitochondria is an organelle in which photosynthesis happens.
Have the CO2 levels increased or decreased since 2002?
CO2 can turn into _________ when it disolves into the ocean
Did the BTB turn more green or blue when we shook it?
What is carbon represented by on the periodic table?
What happens when glucose is taken apart?
Was the top of the BTB lighter or darker when we let it sit?
Is having a control in the experiment good or bad?
Carbon is the ____ most abundant element in the atmosphere.
If there is one glucose molecule (C6H12O6) then how many oxygens are needed to make it even? Carbon dioxides? Waters? (Put period between answers)(No spaces)
What is methane represented as?
What is a carbon reservoir?
Yay or Nay? Ocean animals breath out CO2 into the ocean?
What are the year round curves of the carbon dioxide called?
Are CO2 levels lower or higher in the summer?

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