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Forced Order
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QuoteWho said itGame
How does food become poo?Scenes from a hat
Mommy, How come no one looks like me on Friends?Scenes from a hat
Diarrhea flows like a riverScenes from a hat
Africa's a really big country...Between games
It's also a big continent if you're a geographer!Between Games
Dodododo I have no hair!Infomercial
Look it's Ryan's shoes!Scenes from a hat
I'd be lemon flavored ass kissLet's make a date
Every song a hit, every hit a smack!Greatest hits
Let me be the gate keeper to your portal of joy!Hats
Mine's tucked in my sock!Hoedown
You're not on my root... Route? Route.Greatest hits
QuoteWho said itGame
You don't have a feather in your hatForeign Film Dub
Do you use the maximum or the minimum?Scenes from a hat
We're evil smurfs! We evil smurfs!Props
Nice pants!Scenes from a hat
I just want to stand here an look at my privates!Scenes from a hat
When i put on leather pants I am a macho man!Hoedown
You get have some spaghetti and two big meatballs!Duet
And take me on a...3 headed Broadway star
THE CAT!Improbable mission
Welcome to dead cats! 109 recipes you can do with your pussy!Scenes from a hat
I'll be the props for all these men!Props
When that heifer was born her mother should have pushed her back in!Hoedown

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