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Forced Order
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When school began, I was in a __________ .
I tried to maintain the __________
of being very __________, but I kept zoning out.
When the bell rang, I had to make my way through the __________.
I wanted to tell everyone to get out of my way, but I was too __________.
At lunch, my __________ hands caused me to spill juice on myself.
It flooded over me like a __________, staining my clothes.
I felt very __________ by my own clumsy behavior.
As the juice soaked through my shirt, I __________ my friends' dry, clean clothes,
but none of them could be __________ from so much as a sweatshirt,
and I was stuck with my __________.
When I got home, my mother's __________ was evident
from her disapproving __________.
I was __________; I'd already endured much worse.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a very __________ day.

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