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Forced Order
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The character who conflicts with the main character
What the 'O' in OPEN stands for
Point of View when one of the characters tells the story
What the 'E' in OPEN stands for
Acronym for an Open Ended Question with two parts
Part of the story that acts as an introduction
The main character who undergoes a change
When a character has a conflict within him/herslef
What the 'P' in OPEN stands for
When a character has a conflict with another character, a group or outside forces
The name of the author who wrote many ironic stories
The author's use of language to evoke one or more of the five senses
When the unexpected happens instead of the expected
The time & place of a story
The main action of the story during which various problems arise
Turning point of the story; most dramatic part
Point of View when someone outside of the story tells it
The message the author intends to express, often a universal concept
The end of the story; when the conflict is resolved
The aftermath or result of the climax
The feeling a reader gets from a story
What the 'N' in OPEN stands for

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