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This country was attacked in 1939, starting WWII
What was the position of the US during the early years of the war?
What was the name of the German air raids on Great Britain?
What law allowed the US to send war supplies to Great Britain and its allies?
'Lending a garden hose to a neighbor whose house __________________'
Who was president for most of WWII?
Who was president at the end of WWII?
The US placed an embargo on _____________ to Japan.
The Japanese surprise attacked this important military base in 1941
Roosevelt called this attack on Dec 7th, 1941 'a date which shall live in __________'
The allies followed this strategy for most of the war:
What was the name of their strategy in the Pacific?
This battle in North Africa kept Hitler from gaining oil from the Middle East.
This European battle also blocked Hitler from getting access to oil
When the allies invaded Normandy, France to drive out the Germans, this was called
What was a major turning point in the Pacific?
Name one important island victory that cost thousands of American and Japanese lives
Name of the group of African American pilots?
Name of Asian American troops?
What Native American language was used for talking in coded messages?
What meeting tried to set rules for the humane treatment of prisoners?
The leader of Great Britain during WWII
Hitler was the leader of this country
Truman believed that this would help save lives by preventing an invasion of Japan
This was used to draft men for the military
This was a way of saving supplies such as food or gasoline
Rosie the Riveter represented women who worked in..
Japanese Americans were placed in ______________ camps during WWII.
Trying to destroy an entire group of people based on race/religion/etc. is called
Hitler's decision to kill all Jews was called the
Most Jews died in...
Nazis were investigated and punished for the Holocausts at the
The British Royal Air Force protected England during the
Where were the atomic bombs dropped on Japan?
What did the government sell to raise money for the war?
During WWII women served in

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