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HintAnswerExtra Hints
Founded by dissenters fleeing MassachusettsHint: super tiny
Founded by wealthy settlers seeking economic opportunitiesHint: first colony
Founded by the Puritans
Name for wealthy English settlers given land by the kingHint: think of UVA
This colonizing power had a positive relationship with Native AmericansHint: Did not get along with England
Puritans settled in the new world for
When it came to religion, Puritans were notHint: Why did dissenters have to leave?
New England practiced what kind of government?Example: town meetings
New England's economy was NOT based on
The economies of the Middle Colonies were focused onHint: large cities and seaports help with this
Because of the Middle Colonies' diversity, they were generallyHint: everybody has to try to get along
The Middle Colonies were founded by English, Dutch and _________ speaking immigrants
Indentured servants agreed to work on plantations in exchange forHint: they aren't getting paid
The first elected assembly in the new world wasHint: now called the General Assembly
African slaves came to America through theHint: route across the Atlantic
Religious revival in both Europe and the American ColoniesHint: took place in the mid 1700s
Ideological movement based in Europe that influenced the Founding FathersHint: took place in the 1600-1700s
Believed in every person's right to 'life, liberty, and property'Hint: influenced the Declaration of Independence
Idea that people make an agreement with the government regarding power and the rights of the peopleHint: an agreement among people =
Thomas Paine wrote this to convince people to break their ties with EnglandHint: it was a popular pamphlet
This conflict lead to Britain raising taxes on the American ColoniesHint: the name is misleading
This British law prevented settlers from moving West of the Appalachian MountainsHint: the date is in the name
Unpopular taxes on paper goods and official documentsHint: they had to pay for this to be placed on the documents
An act of violence that increased American sentiment for independenceHint: Paul Revere made the famous engraving that depicts this event
First battle of the American RevolutionHint: remember alphabetical order
Last battle of the American RevolutionHint: in Virginia
Name of the group that wanted independence from BritainHint: the New England ___________
Name of the group that wanted to remain part of BritainHint: they were very loyal
One of the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence is that all people haveHint: things that we should be able to do/have
Turning point of the American RevolutionHint: helped us gain assistance from France
HintAnswerExtra Hints
Founding father who made a treaty of alliance with FranceHint: he gets all the girls
General of the Continental ArmyHint: everyone admires him
First attempt at national governmentHint: didn't work very well
Only branch that existed under the first governmentHint: it couldn't do very much
Plan created by Madison that established 3 branches of governmentHint: think about where he lived
Agreement that stated that slaves would only count as part of the population of their statesHint: what percentage did slaves count for?
These keep any one branch from becoming too powerfulHint: branches use these to keep the other branches in line
Father of the Constitution
Name of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution that secured freedoms for American citizensHint: think of George Mason
George Mason wrote this key document that influenced the Bill of RightsHint: he was an anti-federalist
Thomas Jefferson wrote this key document that influenced the Bill of RightsHint: believed in freedom of worship
Political party that advocated for a strong national governmentHint: Alexander Hamilton
Political party that favored the power of individuals and states, not the national governmentHint: Thomas Jefferson
Court case establishing the concept of Judicial Review
Court case establishing a national perspective on economic affairs
Court case establishing the doctrine of implied powers
New name for the Anti-federalist partyHint: had to rebrand
Idea that America was meant to expand westwardHint: fate
In 1803, Jefferson bought this territory and doubled the size of the US
Official statement which said that Europe would no longer be allowed to interfere in the Western HemisphereHint: named after a president
This device enabled slavery to continue and expand in the southHint: made agriculture easier
Through this war, the US gained most of its territory in the SouthwestHint: the name explains who was fighting
Conflict over shipping and trade interference led to this warHint: through this war, we gained a claim on the Oregon Territory
Because he was a 'man of the people' we sometimes call Jackson's presidency theHint: many groups of people were not included in this
Jackson extended the franchise which meantHint: what does 'franchise' mean?
Name of the westward march thousands of Native Americans were forced to travel
New political parties established to counter the Democratic-RepublicansHint: sometimes we don't think politicians know anything
Jackson rewarded his supporters with jobs, this is called the Hint: the ________ of victory!

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