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How much do you know about nationalism and imperialism?

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This meeting tried to put Europe back together after Napoleon was defeated
Having pride in your culture and country is part of...
This man helped unite Northern Italy
This man helped bring together Southern and Northern Italy
Which area was the last to join Italy?
Which important Prussian leader unified Germany?
Unlike Italy, Germany used what method to unify itself?
What is the name of Bismarck's idea for doing everything you can to gain and hold onto power?
What war helped Germany come together?
A form of imperialism where the mother country has complete control over their territory in Asia/Africa/America
A form of imperialism with a native government that is controlled by the mother country
A form of imperialism where a nation has influence, but no official power
The key to British control in India was...
Before it was forced to open up and trade, Japan practiced
European nations competed over spheres of influence in this important center of trade
An example of armed revolt against European influence
These people tried to spread their religion in Asia and Africa
Who is credited as the first person to encourage nationalism in Europe?

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