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QUIZ: How well do you know the Industrial Revolution?

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Industrial Revolution began here
Fencing off land that used to be shared
James Hargreaves invented this machine to create thread
James Watt created a better version of this machine
Eli Whitney created a machine that removed the seed from a particular plant...
This man created a better way to produce steel
Edward Jenner created a vaccine for this disease
Louis Pasteur discovered this...
Who wrote an important book about capitalism?
Who wrote the Communist Manifesto?
Communism believes that everyone should be...
Unlike communism, in capitalism who owns the means of production?
Cottage industries were replaced by the
What was one way that factory owners tried to save money?
What do you call an organization that tries to protect workers' rights?
Women campaigned for the right to vote, known as...
What was the #1 fuel source of the Industrial Revolution?

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