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Can you name a new common from each Magic set?

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SetCardOther Cards
Limited Edition Alpha A-F
Limited Edition Alpha G-P
Limited Edition Alpha I-Z
Limited Edition Beta
Unlimited Edition
Revised Edition
Fourth Edition
Fifth Edition
Classic (Sixth Edition)
Seventh Edition
Core Set - Eighth Edition
Core Set - Ninth Edition
Core Set - Tenth Edition
Magic 2010 A-G
Magic 2010 I-Z
Magic 2011 A-L
Magic 2011 M-Z
Magic 2012 A-G
Magic 2012 H-Z
Magic 2013 A-L
Magic 2013 M-Z
Magic 2014 A-L
Magic 2014 M-Z
Arabian Nights
Legends A-E
Legends F-M
Legends N-Z
The Dark
Fallen Empires A-H
Fallen Empires I-Z
Ice Age A-E
Ice Age F-I
Ice Age J-P
Ice Age R-Z
Alliances A-I
Alliances J-Z
Coldsnap A-K
Coldsnap L-Z
Mirage A-D
Mirage E-K
Mirage L-S
Mirage T-Z
Visions A-K
Visions L-Z
Weatherlight A-G
Weatherlight H-Z
Tempest A-D
Tempest E-M
Tempest N-Z
Stronghold A-L
Stronghold M-Z
Exodus A-O
Exodus P-Z
Urza's Saga A-D
Urza's Saga E-L
Urza's Saga M-R
Urza's Saga S-Z
Urza's Legacy A-O
Urza's Legacy P-Z
Urza's Destiny A-M
Urza's Destiny N-Z
Mercadian Masques A-D
Mercadian Masques E-M
Mercadian Masques N-R
Mercadian Masques S-Z
Nemesis A-M
Nemesis N-Z
SetCardOther Cards
Prophecy A-M
Prophecy N-Z
Invasion A-H
Invasion I-P
Invasion Q-S
Invasion T-Z
Planeshift A-L
Planeshift M-Z
Apocalypse A-L
Apocalypse M-Z
Odyssey A-C
Odyssey D-K
Odyssey L-P
Odyssey R-Z
Torment A-G
Torment H-Z
Judgment A-H
Judgment I-Z
Onslaught A-C
Onslaught D-H
Onslaught I-Sl
Onslaught Sn-Z
Legions A-G
Legions H-Z
Scourge A-L
Scourge M-Z
Mirrodin A-F
Mirrodin G-M
Mirrodin N-S
Mirrodin T-Z
Darksteel A-K
Darksteel L-Z
Fifth Dawn A-L
Fifth Dawn M-Z
Champions of Kamigawa A-F
Champions of Kamigawa G-K
Champions of Kamigawa L-R
Champions of Kamigawa S-Z
Betrayers of Kamigawa A-M
Betrayers of Kamigawa N-Z
Saviors of Kamigawa A-K
Saviors of Kamigawa L-Z
Ravnica: City of Guilds A-D
Ravnica: City of Guilds E-N
Ravnica: City of Guilds O-S
Ravnica: City of Guilds T-Z
Guildpact A-N
Guildpact O-Z
Dissension A-O
Dissension P-Z
Time Spiral A-C
Time Spiral D-G
Time Spiral H-Sc
Time Spiral Se-Z
Planar Chaos A-M
Planar Chaos N-Z
Future Sight A-K
Future Sight L-Z
Lorwyn A-D
Lorwyn E-H
Lorwyn I-M
Lorwyn N-Sm
Lorwyn So-Z
Morningtide A-L
Morningtide M-Z
Shadowmoor A-C
Shadowmoor D-I
Shadowmoor J-P
Shadowmoor Q-S
SetCardOther Cards
Shadowmoor T-Z
Eventide A-K
Eventide L-Z
Shards of Alara A-D
Shards of Alara E-L
Shards of Alara M-R
Shards of Alara S-Z
Conflux A-L
Conflux M-Z
Alara Reborn A-G
Alara Reborn H-Z
Zendikar A-H
Zendikar I-O
Zendikar P-S
Zendikar T-Z
Worldwake A-H
Worldwake I-Z
Rise of the Eldrazi A-F
Rise of the Eldrazi G-K
Rise of the Eldrazi L-R
Rise of the Eldrazi S-Z
Scars of Mirrodin A-E
Scars of Mirrodin F-H
Scars of Mirrodin I-R
Scars of Mirrodin S-Z
Mirrodin Besieged A-M
Mirrodin Besieged O-Z
New Phyrexia A-M
New Phyrexia N-Z
Innistrad A-D
Innistrad E-J
Innistrad K-Sk
Innistrad Sm-Z
Dark Ascension A-F
Dark Ascension G-R
Dark Ascension S-Z
Avacyn Restored A-F
Avacyn Restored G-M
Avacyn Restored N-S
Avacyn Restored T-Z
Return to Ravnica A-C
Return to Ravnica D-H
Return to Ravnica I-R
Return to Ravnica S-Z
Gatecrash A-E
Gatecrash F-L
Gatecrash M-R
Gatecrash S-Z
Dragon's Maze A-M
Dragon's Maze N-Z
Theros A-E
Theros F-N
Theros O-S
Theros T-Z
Born of the Gods A-I
Born of the Gods J-Z
Journey into Nyx A-K
Journey into Nyx L-Z
Portal A-G
Portal H-R
Portal S-Z
Portal Second Age A-N
Portal Second Age O-Z
Portal Three Kingdoms A-Sh
Portal Three Kingdoms So-Z
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