Television Quiz / AHS Sister Jude's Murder Coven of Obscurities

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A Quiz for seasons 1-4 of American Horror Story

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Elsa's Cabinet of...
Wendy Peyser taught...
Alma is killed with an....
How did grace kill her family?
Tate attended...
Song of....
How did Joan kill her husband?
There's an actor from what show in the episode Piggy, Piggy
The Axeman fell in love like
Constance is from
Jude was engaged to
Two word statement describing Sister Jude
What year did American Horror Story first air?
Misty Day is from
Zoe kills people with
Timothy Howard wants to be...
Pepper is in what seasons
Timothy and Jude's song is
Elsa lost her...
Kyle Spencer is part of what fraternity?
Kyle goes to what school...
What's the second name sung about in 'The Name Game?'
Bette and Dot marry
Mother Claudia is transferred to
You don't...

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