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A direct acting agonist does what to the receptor?
Albuterol is a(n) ___ agonist.
If Albuterol is not working for my patient, what other type of drug can I prescribe?
A direct acting antagonist does what to the receptor?
Tissue innervated by the parasympathetic system all have ______receptors.
Cholinergic nerves release ____.
A small dose of this type of drug can help a patient complaining of dry mouth.
For testing purposes, all postganglionic sympathetic nerves release ________.
Because my patient has bad COPD, I shouldn't prescribe this type of drug.
Preganglionic neurons from these vertebrae synapse in the adrenal medulla.
Sympathetic neurons leave the spinal chord at this segment.
The (sympathetic/parasympathetic/somatic) preganglionic neuron usually interacts with the postganglionic cell in a plexus or paravertebral chain.
Acetylcholine can activate these 2 types of receptors.
A somatic motor neuron releases ____ to a ______ receptor.
Which receptor increases heart rate, contractility, and renin secretion?
A(n) ____ blocker is a second line therapy for hypertension.
Efferent nerves carry signals ___ ___the CNS.
______ cells in the adrenal medulla release the catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine.
The cell body of a neuron that synapses in your bicep muscle fiber is located (inside/outside) the CNS.
The cell body of a neuron that synapses in your small intestine is located (inside/outside) the CNS
True/False All preganglionic nerves secrete ACh.
True/False Parasympathetic preganglionic nerves originate in the thoracolumnar spinal cord.

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