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Adaptive atrophy, for example from disuse or insufficient nutrients, is (reversible/irreversible).
Hyperplasia can be an increase in cell (number/size/both).
Atrophy can be a decrease in cell (number/size/both).
Hypertrophy can be an increase in cell (number/size/both).
Wound healing and pregnancy are examples of _______.
One cell type is replaced by another due to chronic irritation.
_____ results in the proliferation of cells that vary by size, shape, and appearance.
One big cause of cervical dysplasia that often resolves itself within 3 years is ___.
Lipids and coal dust are common examples of ___________ accumulations.
Dystrophic _______ occurs when abnormal deposits are made in damaged tissue, which leads to organ dysfunction worse than the initial injury.
____ _____occurs in healthy tissues as a result of high serum calcium levels.
Bones, fat, and skin incur the most damage from electrical energy flow because they have a high ______.
____ radiation can immediately kill cells and cause genetic mutations,
Ultrasound is an example of ___-_____ radiation and can cause thermal injuries.
Rapidly ______ cells are most effected by radiation.
Deficiency of thyamin causes _______ and is an example of a _______ imbalance.
_____ cell injury causes a build up of lactic acid and an increase of Na+ and water in cells.
Calcium levels should be ___ intracellularly and ____ exctracellularly.
Toxins can damage the cell _____, causing an influx of calcium.
Ischemia can damage _____, releasing calcium intracellularly
Because _____ works as a second messenger, high intracellular levels cause the inappropriate release of enzymes.
Programmed cell death that does not incite an inflammatory response is called ____.
Unplanned cell death in irreversibly damaged tissues that causes an inflammatory response is called _____.
In liquefication necrosis, the cell's catalytic ____ are not destroyed
In ______ necrosis, as seen in hypoxic injuries, acidosis denatures the cell's proteins.
_____ necrosis has a soft, cheese-like center.
This form of gangrene is black and has decreased arterial and venous return.
This bacteria causes cell destruction and hydrogen sulfide bubbles in gas gangrene.

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