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The ________ is the main structural component of the plasma cell membrane.
The cell coat, used for cell recognition and adhesion, is called the _______.
The glycocalyx is responsible for ____ antigens on red blood cells.
This digestive organelle contains enzymes that break down old cells.
This organelle controls free radicals by breaking down peroxides.
The glycolytic pathway is (aerobic/anaerobic).
The glycolytic pathway splits glucose into two_____.
If no O2 is available, pyruvic acid is converted to ____.
If O2 is available, pyruvic acid is converted to _____.
Which cycle occurs in the mitochondria?
The krebs cycle yields:
and two
How many ATP are formed from the glycolytic pathway and krebs cycle, before the electron transport chain? (spell the #)
NADH and FADH go through the electron transport chain to make how many ATP?
______ are good communicators because they can change shape.
_______ serve as an intermediary between external signals and intracellular effectors.
The effector is a membrane-bound protein that initiates the _______ messenger.
____ _____ linked receptors are involved in the rapid signaling between electrically excitable cells.
Diffusion can only occur from ___ to ___ concentration.
Ion channels can be voltage-, ligand-, or ______-gated.
One main contributor to membrane potentials is the difference in ion ________.
Another contributor is membrane ______.
The inside of a cell is more (positive/negative) than the outside.
This type of tissue is good at filtration and found in the lining of blood vessels and alveoli.
This type of tissue lines the intestines and gallbladder.
___ glands produce secretions that go directly to the bloodstream.
_____ _____ tissue supports epithelial tissue and contains macrophages.
Besides macrophages, the most important components of loose connective tissue are _____ fibers and ______ fibers.
_______ ________ connective tissue forms ligaments and tendons.
The only type of muscle cell that contains many nuclei is _____.
Ca+ binds with _____ to allow tropomyosin to bind to myosin.
MS is a dysfunction of _________, which should provide myelinization.
Elastin, integrins, and glycoproteins make up the ________.

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