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mutation which causes a shift in the reading frame
a cell with no nucleus
biomolecule that gives long term energy
a protein that speeds up reactions
this goes into the active site of an enzyme
movement of water across a cell membrane
biomolecule that gives quick energy
mutation where bases are removed
process of forming gametes
mutation where one base replaces another
a cell with membrane bound organelles
building block of DNA
site of protein synthesis in the cell
building block of protein
mutation where bases are reversed
mutation where bases are added
in order for mutations to be passed to offspring; it must occur in
a change in DNA
DNA is replicated during this phase of the cell cycle
holds the bases together in DNA
site of energy production in the cell
longest phase of the cell cycle
biomolecule that consists of C,H,O,N, & P
a substance that cause mutations
the shape of DNA

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