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Forced Order
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With selfish hearts that hide our sin. But no one really knows how deep the secrets... In Shallow Seas We Sail
This is where you say this is not what it looks like. He's got his hands wrapped around your waist. I want this, do you want it? I hate this, but you flaunt it.In Shallow Seas We Sail
We're just the boys and girls that think they always know With answers for the world The ambiguity showsThe Question
You're a broken record, repeating these vanities. Over and over againIn Shallow Seas We Sail
Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe. Your eyes can see right through me.The Weak's End
Red lights fading out (I refuse to accept these excuses you’re making) As you drive back to your houseIn Shallow Seas We Sail
The summer came and you left me with your words The clever sounds from your mouth That can make me feel so worthlessWhile Broken Hearts Prevail/ In Shallow Seas We Sail
The drugs you used as a place to hide It’s really bad if you don’t get this right (I got this, I got this, I got this, I don’t need you)I'm Only a Man
This is the way it goes With you a part of it Nervously saying words That oh-so-tightly fitThe Question
There is a part of me that always sees the easy way out. (Is this the easy way?) If it doesn't hurt, then not another word.In Shallow Seas We Sail
In my memory I wrote you down in ink I never wanted to erase your story Even with the tragedy it brings The Question
Lets get this over, I'd like to get some sleep tonight, Lets get this over. I'm done with all your lies.In Shallow Seas We Sail/ While Broken Hearts Prevail
You said this was over when you suffocate the truth and trade the kisses and the distances and clinging to my weaknesses. In Shallow Seas We Sail
Invisible, plans you made Deconstruct me Tethered to the dream of you But disappearingIn Shallow Seas We Sail
I know you've got it in you Won't you let it out (Let it out) Dig a little deeper and I know you'll find strength insideIn Shallow Seas We Sail
This is the story I'll tell. You wanted me when you wanted meWhile Broken Hearts Prevail

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