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Forced Order
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The act begins with the character
talking to
in the garden of the
Cecily begins to write in
which shows her fantastical
Suddenly, ____ arrives.
He accidently says that he will hang upon Miss Prisms
however, he says that this was meant as a
They go for a
in the garden. _____
pretending to be
who is Jacks fictional
He talks to Cecily until
arrives, with the news that his brother had
of a
When Jack sees Algy there is
between the characters
Jack will not
until Cecily forces him to. Jack demands that Algy should
Algy proposes to Cecily, but she tells him they have already been engaged for several
arrives. Conflict now occurs between
as they both think they are
to the same person. They realise that they have
Cecily and Gwendolen learn the truth, so they start eating
This fits in with the concept of
In terms of Freytags pyramid, this is the
The time of year,

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