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Can you name the Harding Academy Names?

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She was very short, so some called her _____ny
She made the children jump around like animals. They all looked like little mon_______
He liked to sit around in parking lots, and the police often charged him with_____ering
He snapped at his students all of the time, so they called him a croca______
His favorite drink was lemonade. Sometimes he had more than a g_____ to drink.
He yelled at the rebellious children often. So many of them began to be afraid when he _________ them.
He was obsessed with eating pizza. It went so far that he made a sh________ out of old pizza boxes.
Collecting honey was so difficult that most of the _________s passed out from exhaustion after only ten minutes.
This guy had bed bugs all of the time because he refused to stay in anything other than shady _______ls.
He hated having to deal with teenagers, so most of the time he just g______ at everyone.

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