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Laudable (adj)
Dilatory (adj)
a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition
Portent (n)
Desolate (adj)
To deliberately try to win the favor of others.
a state of overwhelming emotion
skillfully evasive
Taking the place of another person or thing
When typing a paper on a computer, I'll do this to the title of a longer work.
Who and whoever are _____________pronouns. . .
showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care c: reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude
Wild in appearance
Perturb (v)
Conjunction pair: Neither____________
Conjunction pair: Not ____________
I use these on titles of short works that are a part of a larger piece.
Conjunction pair: But _____________
Good is an _______________. . .
Tumult (n)
a single thread
Word or definitionAnswer
Gravid (adj)
Rancor (n)
Insistent (adj)
a slip or error
Insidious (adj)
A likeness cut from dark material and mounted
. . . while whom and whomever are in the ________________ case.
Debauch (n)
Repose (n)
Preceding event
I'll do this to the title of a longer work when I'm writing longhand.
Formidable (adj)
Pinafore (n)
a sense of humiliation and shame caused by something that wounds one's pride or self-respect
A wild uproar
Abrupt (adj)
. . . not to be confused with well, which is an __________.
Irreverent (adj)
Tentative (adj)
Conjunction pair: Either _____________

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