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Condition of being disenchanted
Disdainfully or skeptically humorous
Agitated with doubt or mental conflict
To obtain money or property by fraud or deceit
Speak with other about something in detail
Continuing or enduring without change in status or condition
Rich or superior in quality
State of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
The appearance conveyed by a person's face
Satire or lampoon, especially one posted in public
A person's manner of speaking or reading aloud in public
Without stopping or pausing
to disturb the condition, action or function of; to make insane
Unspeakable; beyond expression
excessively talkative in a rambling roundabout manner
A seat for two or more persons, having a back and usually arms, and usually upholstered
Desolate or dreary
being in actual contact: touching or connected throughout in an unbroken sequence
Indistinct and vague
A noun or pronoun — often with modifiers — set beside another noun or pronoun to explain or identify it.
usually follows the word it explains or identifies, but it may also precede it.

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