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Forced Order
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What branch of the military allows members to salute with their left hand if they cannot salute with their right?
These specially trained WWII combat divers were the precursor to the modern day Navy SEALS
Which medal was the first one officially adopted into Army Regulations as a permanent medal during the American Civil War?
The 'front leaning rest' is the starting position or 'up' position of what commonly known exercise?
The Navy's 'Seabee' comes from the initials 'CB' which stands for what?
This location, which now serves as the US Military Academy, once existed as a fort to restrict enemy access to the Hudson River
When the Army adopted the black beret for wear by all soldiers, Ranger units changed their formerly black beret to what color?
This Army branch was disbanded in 1978 and the Army's women converted to the appropriate branch based on their job
Recruit training for Marine Corps enlistees from the eastern part of the U.S. takes place at what facility in South Carolina?
In close order drill, the command to march in place (without moving forward) is
'De Oppresso Liber' is the motto of this special operations unit and appears on their distinctive unit insignia
'To give alarm in case of fire or disorder' is which general order to the sentry?
'Off we go into the wild blue yonder' is the first line of which branch of service's song?
What type of naval vessel is categorized by the letters 'SSBN'?
At the end of the duty day on post, service members are to stop and observe the playing of this song
What directive exists as a set of rules for military members who are captured by enemy or hostile forces?
The U.S. Air Force Academy is located in what city?
What code exists as the foundation of law in the U.S. Military and allows for courts martial?
These members of the military are considered technical specialists in their field and hold ranks between commissioned officer and enlisted ranks
Finish this line of the Marine Corps Hymn: 'From the halls of...'

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