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These airmen exist to rescue downed pilots and go by the initials 'PJ'
This component of the Army, known as 'TRADOC', oversees boot camps and specialty schools
The 'PMO' is run by the senior military police officer on the post
Soldiers may call for 'CAS' when they need jets to drop ordnance on enemy forces
The agents of the 'CID' serve as the detectives of the Army and Marine Corps
'MWR' manages leisure facilities on post such as pools, golf courses and bowling alleys
When deciding if they should fire on a target, troops must consider 'ROE'
The 'LSO' stands on the deck of the aircraft carrier and ensures incoming aircraft are properly lined up before touch down
The 'MCPON' is the head enlisted sailor in the Navy
Pararescue and Combat Control are two of the groups that comprise 'AFSOC'
Troops may need to guard 'EPW' to prevent them from escaping
Troops may treat injuries using equipment from their 'IFAK'
The Army and Air Force now wear the 'OCP', a uniform specifically designed for combat in Afghanistan and like terrain
Soldiers who attend 'OSUT' go to Army basic training and advanced individual training at the same post
'DADT' was repealed in 2011 changing the military's long standing policy on homosexuality
An 'NAS' is a military base where you will find runways and hangars
A service member may receive a 'DFC' for heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight
'MCMAP' exists to train Marines in hand to hand combat
'GWOT' is the military campaign that began in response to the September 11 attacks
The 'LCAC' is an amphibious hovercraft type transport used by the Navy
Pilots use 'FLIR' to detect heat signatures in limited visibility conditions
Bonus Acronym: The Navy is responsible for the longest acronym in the military: 'ADCOMSUBORDCOMPHIBSPAC'

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