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Law passed allowing British Empire dwellers into UK
Famous ship docked at Tilbury in 1948 carrying immigrants
Law passed 1962 introducing voucher system to restrict immigration
In 1967 Asians were forced out of this country after it became independent
In 1972 immigrants were forced out of this country by Idi Amin
Immigrants from Kenya and Uganda were mainly from this ethnic group
Anger over immigration let to riots in these places in 1958
Anger towards immigrants was stoked by the former leader of the 'Blackshirts', whose name was..
In 1959 a young carpenter from Antigua was murdered by white racists, he was called..
This Labour MP for North Kensington urged the govt to restrict immigration
The 1959 election included a campaign by Cyril Osborne using this racist slogan
In 1964 _________ came to power and limited immigration to 8,500 a year
In 1965 this act was passed. It made it illegal to discriminate against someone on the grounds of race
This was set up in 1966 to help to deal with complaints about racism
In 1967 this racist group was founded (the forerunner of the BNP)
In this year immigration was restricted further by the 'Commonweath Immigrants Act'. This restricted entry to citizens who had a passport, were born in Britain, or whose parents we
In 1968 a speech by a Conservative minister caused outrage. It was called the '________' speech
The speech was made by..
This act passed in 1976 made racially offensive music or publications illegal
The above act led to the setting up of this group to investigate racism

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