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opposite of center
Code of Honor in Europe
Female Court Write who wrote Tale of the Genji
Clan that first gained control of central Honshu in 7th Century
Warrior/servant of the Lords
The governing rules of Monks
Tokyo Damiyo who set up a Shogunate
Split between Eastern and Western Churches
Political and Religious authority given for Crusades
Money for investment
King who united France and Germany
Monk and Scholar
Estate with serfs, vassals and knights
Disease that spreads rapidly
Epidemic that killed over 30% of the population
Honor Code in Japan
peasants legally and economically bound to the land
Rebellious Czech Priest
Germanic Tribe who built a large empire
When the Papacy moved to Avignon, France
Major Lord in Japan
Short, brutal and poor conditions
Common Language
French Female War Hero
Servants and managers of the lands of lords
helped formalize relations between the Papacy and Holy Roman Empire states
Osaka Daimyo who united Japan
Prince who imported Chinese ideas to Japan
Female Court Writer who wrote the Pillow Book
Shinto Sun Goddess
Decorative images in books
Monk who developed Latin Curriculum
Female Writer and Court Figure
a series of wars against the Muslim Middle East and Christian East
130 year war between France and England
Author of the Canterbury Tales
Money made off the lending of money
Means the 'middle' and refers to the whole time period
Capital of Charlemagne's Empire
Sect of Japanese Buddhism
legal document for the rights of towns
Bureaucrats of Charlemagne
Acceptance of other Religions
Spanish Legendary General, subject of epic Poem
1st to Establish a Shogunate
the State sought the right to appoint church officials
The decrease in the value of Money
Association of Skilled workers
Confederation of Central European city-states and governments
Land under the control of the Vassal
Selling of Church Offices
Native religion of Japan, mixes with Animism
Exclusion from the Church
Spanish Crusades versus Muslim Spain
Economic and Political system with serfs and vassals
Military Ruler
A Crusade against French Christian Reformers
Member of the Japanese Warrior Class

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