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Indus Valley City
Indus Valley City
Ancient Indian Group/Epic Poems
Migratory Group that Invades Vedic Age
Hindu Class System
Literally means Birth group
Priests with magical/spiritual influence
Local Kings or Chieftans
Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are part of...
Siddhartha Gautama founds
Religion of non-violence
the essential self
Cosmic Right and Wrong
Cosmic Duty
Indian Prince who becomes a mystic...
The Way to Enlightenment
1st Empire in India
Started 1st Empire in India
Converted to Buddhism after many wars
People sent to convert others
Southern Indian Kingdoms with own traditions
Indian Empire known for Math and Science
Multigenerational household
Greek City-state/community
Fortifications and temples in Greek City State
One Ruler
Landed Families make the rules
Gov't of Business Class
Lines of heavily armed foot soldiers
Military Society Polis
State owned slaves
Having a right to make decisions and participate
Democracy Polis
Everyone participates in Gov't
Lawgiver of Athens
People who take power illegally
Everyone has to vote
Voting away a dangerous person
War Between Athens and Sparta
Rational thought
Art of speaking well
Founder of the School of Athens
Writer of the Republic
Sought to Organize Natural World
King of Macedonia, Important Father
Conquered Known World
to be absorbed into main stream culture
Philiosopher who sought to end desire
a^2 + b^2 = c^2

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