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North-Western Mtn Chain in China
South-Western Mtn Chain in China
Northern Desert in China
Northern chief River in China
Southern chief River in China
Oldest Dynasty
Method of Divination in China
2nd Dynasty of China
Right to Rule in China is backed by ____?
Family-minded philosopher of China
Chief component of Confucianism
Founder of Legalism
Strict and Ruthless Philosophy
Dynasty that 1st united all of China
Founder of Daoism
Nature-minded Philosophy
The Way
First Emperor of China
Defense against raiders and outsiders
Founded Han Dynasty
Golden Age Dynasty of China
Promoted Confucianism in China
When someone has control over a market
Policies that expand the empire
Trade Route to the West
Must pass before becoming a gov't official
People who use military strength to rule
Ancient Chinese Medicine
Woman Writer of China
Location of Rome
Mtns of Northern Italy
Peoples of Central Italy
Peoples of Northern Italy
'Regarding the People'
Roman Noble
Senate Leader with a veto
Temporary supreme leader of Rome
Non-Nobles in Rome
Early Roman Law
Leaders outside the Senate
To cancel the laws or votes of the Senate or Assembly
Powerful woman in Ancient Rome
Roman God of War
How Early Roman Armies were staffed
Wars aganist Carthage
Carthage's General
Policies to expand the empire's control and influence
How the Roman empire was organized
Pro-Plebeian Politicans
Ended the Roman Republic
First Emperor of Rome
The Roman Peace
feeding and distracting of plebeians to Rome's troubles
New Civilization that grew with Rome's Eastward Expansion
Last Great Pagan Emperor
Roman art made of colored stone
Architectural form of moving water
Roman Doctor
Law for people and personal issues
Law for societies and social issues
Egyptian Idol who found a home in Rome
Persian God popular with Roman Soldiers
Super motivated religious people
Founder of Christianity
Helped spread Christianity in Roman Empire
People who died for their Relgion
Law establishing tolerance of Christians in Rome
Emperor who created the tetrarchy
Rising Prices and decreasing value of money
First Christian Emperor who started Constantinople
Central Asian Invaders of Rome
Gothic Invaders of Rome
Hired Soldiers of Rome
Conflict within a society, nation or civilization
The end of a civilization

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