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Center of Islamic World (on map)
Oasis Town, Trade Center, Home of Muhammad (on map)
Nomadic People (on map)
Trade Group crossing Desert
Prophet of Islam
Wife of Muhammad
Muhammad's exile from Mecca and return (on map)
'City of the Prophet' (on map)
Main Shrine of Islam
One Example: Daily Prayer, Hajj
Pilgrmage to Mecca by Muslims
Labor for God
Muslim Holy Book
Christians and Jews
Muslim Law
1st Caliph
Successor to Muhammad
Group that supported an Elected Caliph
Group that supported an Hereditary Caliph
Daughter and Son-in-law
Muslim Mystic
1st Dynasty of the Caliphate
Capital of Umayyad (on map)
2nd Dynasty of Caliphate
Capital of Abbassids (on map)
Caliph that built Baghdad
Turkish Soldiers
Local Persian Ruler
Abode of Islam
Built first House of Wisdom
Lack of Barriers between changing classes
Arabic Check
Nomads and Farmers
Muslim Style
Persian Poet and Astronomer
Collection of Persian Tales
Philosopher of Aristotle
Muslim Historian
Muslim Doctor
State ruled by a Sultan
Religious Challenges in India
local indian ruler
Guru of Sikhism
Hinduism + Islam = ???
Founder of Mughals
Nomadic Turkish Group that invades India
Great Emperor whol allied with Hindus
Tomb for the wife of Shah Jahan
Former Constantinople (on map)
The Lawgiver
Men of Husbandry, etc
Communities of Non-Muslims
Ottoman Soldiers and Bureaucrats
Iranian King
Capital of Safavids (on map)
Conservative Iranian Group who took over Safavids (on map)
Capital of Qajars (on map)

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