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Bantu Dialect in Kenya
Nubian Pharoah
made a famous Hajj
Ecological rich home of Nile
People of Northern Nigeria
Swahili City-State
Capital of Kush
NW Africa
Forest Kingdom of West Africa
Stations to support trade and military
Ancient Christian East African Kingdom
Trading Kingdom in West Africa
Method of Agriculture found in East Africa
Yoruba City-State
Conquered Egypt
Traditional Name of the other Nile Kingdom
Boarderland of the Sahara
Chief Rivers of West Africa
Great King of Axum
Desert the size of the United States
Islamic Learning Center
Kings of Mali
Swahili City-State with an empire
Capital of Ghana
Queen who conquered Kano
Islamic Caliphate in West Africa
Units with gov't by concensus
Ancient text of Ethiopian History
Language Group that moved to Southern Africa
Capital hidden in the forest with walls
Great King of Ethiopia OR a holy city
Major City of Hausa
King of Kano
Swahili City-State
People who united to from Ghana
Muslims invaders
Growth of the Sahara
heritage based off the father
Medieval Christian East African Kingdom
'Great Stone Ruins'
Parents and Children working together
Ancient heritage
King of the Forest Kingdom
Kingdom in Central Africa with elected King
Capital of Ethiopia
African Troubadors
heritage based off the mother
Islamic Kingdom of West Afrca

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