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You tell me. Does he get the girl?

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Mrs. Doubtfire (1993, Robin Williams)Sally Field
Spider-Man (2002, Toby Maguire)Kirsten Dunst
Willow (1988, Val Kilmer)Joanne Whalley
Pearl Harbor (2001, Ben Affleck)Kate Beckinsale
Centurion (2010, Michael Fassbender)Imogen Poots
Don Jon (2013, Joseph Gordon-Levitt)Scarlett Johansson
Lucky Number Slevin (2006, Josh Hartnett)Lucy Liu
Casino Royale (2006, Daniel Craig)Eva Green
The Robe (1953, Richard Burton)Jean Simmons
Gattaca (1997, Ethan Hawke)Uma Thurmon
Drive (2011, Ryan Gosling)Carey Mulligan
The Bourne Identity (2002, Matt Damon)Franka Potente
Father Goose (1964, Cary Grant)Leslie Caron
The Perks of Being A Wallflower (2012, Logan Lerman)Emma Watson
Fight Club (1999, Edward Norton)Helena Bonham Carter
Lost In Translation (2003, Bill Murray)Scarlett Johansson
Minority Report (2002, Tom Cruise)Kathryn Morris
Edward Scissorhands (1990, Johnny Depp)Winona Ryder
Kingdom of Heaven (2005, Orlando Bloom)Eva Green
Dan in Real Life (2007, Steve Carell)Juliette Binoche
Swiss Family Robinson (1960, Tommy Kirk)Janet Munro
The Terminal (2004, Tom Hanks)Catherine Zeta-Jones
Batman Begins (2005, Christian Bale)Katie Holmes
Ocean's Eleven (2001, George Clooney)Julia Roberts
Sherlock Holmes (2009, Robert Downey Jr.)Rachel McAdams
Babes in Toyland (1934, Felix Knight)Charlotte Henry
Hulk (2003, Eric Bana)Jennifer Connelly
Bruce Almighty (2003, Jim Carrey)Jennifer Aniston
Tron: Legacy (2010, Garrett Hedlund)Olivia Wilde
Taxi Driver (1976, Robert De Niro)Cybill Shepherd
Atonement (2007, James McAvoy)Keira Knightley
Sleepy Hollow (1999, Johnny Depp)Christina Ricci
Blood Diamond (2006, Leonardo DiCaprio)Jennifer Connelly
Annapolis (2006, James Franco)Jordana Brewster
The Count of Monte Cristo (2002, Jim Caviezel)Dagmara Dominczyk
The Place Beyond The Pines (2012, Ryan Gosling)Eva Mendes
Garden State (2004, Zach Braff)Natalie Portman
Blast From The Past (1999, Brendan Fraser)Alicia Silverstone
Cast Away (2000, Tom Hanks)Helen Hunt
Flubber (1997, Robin Williams)Marcia Gay Harden

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