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QUIZ: Can you name the singers from the A Song Of Ice And Fire series?

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Sang 77 verses at the Purple Wedding. Later gave a more concise testimony at Tyrion's trial
Singer renowed for his silver harp and his songs of sorrow. Often used the events of Summerhall as inspiration
Was to be the next singer at the Purple Wedding before it was cut short. Remained in King's Landing to play for Margaery and her entourage
Tyroshi singer whose accent makes him hard to understand
Posed as a singer to attend the feast for King Robert at Winterfell so as to size up his competition
Tyrell fool who doubles as a singer. Notable for his large girth. Described as being ''an immense round fat man''
Colorful singer in Margaery's court who is turned against her after some ''persuading'' from Qyburn
Sang in Winterfell during King Robert's visit as well as the Purple Wedding. Hails from Oldtown
Sang for Shae in King's Landing. Later made into a bowl of brown in Flea Bottom
Traveled with Catelyn to the Eyrie after Tyrion's capture. Remained there after ingratiating himself with Lysa
Brotherhood without banners singer. Notorious for singing girls out of their smallclothes
Black brother who deserted after landing in the free cities
Alliterative first singer at the Purple Wedding. Criticized for being forgetful due to his old age
Legendary singer of the freefolk who came down off the wall to steal the daughter of the lord of Winterfell, as told to Jon by Ygritte

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