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Inside which A Song of Ice and Fire character POVs do the following events occur? (Spoilers)

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**Major spoilers ahead**
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EventCharacter POV
King Robert Baratheon arrives at Winterfell
Tyrion and Sansa are wed
Euron Crow's Eye is chosen in the kingsmoot
Jon Snow is elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Tyrion wins his trial by combat
The Stark direwolves are discovered
A mob attacks the royal family in King's Landing
The first game of Cyvasse is played
Brienne fights a bear
Wildfire is unleashed on the Blackwater
Gregor Clegane's skull is presented to Prince Doran Martell
Varys reveals how he became a eunuch
The Red Woman claims her first victim
Nymeria attacks Prince Joffrey
Daenerys' dragons are loosed upon Meereen
The Clegane brothers cross swords
''Prince'' Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell
King Tommen weds Margaery Tyrell
Stannis comes to the aid of the Night's Watch
The red comet first appears in the sky
EventCharacter POV
The exiled Targaryen house returns to Westeros
Arya meets Samwell in Braavos
Jon Arryn's true killer is revealed
The Others approach the Night's Watch on the Fist of the First Men
Tyrion loses his trial by combat
Theon Greyjoy reaches Stannis' camp having escaped Winterfell
The Freys butcher Robb Stark's army camped outside the Twins
Rattleshirt is revealed to be the still living Mance Rayder
King Joffrey is poisoned at his wedding feast
Quentyn Martell reveals his secret marriage pact to Daenerys
Princess Myrcella is attacked during her failed abduction
The Arya Stark imposter is first seen
The Battle of the Whispering Wood is fought
The Tower of the Hand is razed
Ser Barristan Selmy is dismissed from the Kingsguard
Jaime frees his brother Tyrion from his prison cell
Moat Cailin surrenders to the Boltons
Lady Stoneheart's identity is revealed
Eddard Stark is executed
The Others first appear

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