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Who do you think is the ultimate covert agent? (Pick one)

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CandidatesThe OperativeCredentials
Sydney Bristow [ Alias ]Highly intelligent field agent. Affiliated with multiple organizations.
Bryan Mills [ Taken ]Retired CIA operative. Expert tracker. Tactics not always subtle but highly efficient.
James Bond [ Dr. No ]Member of MI6, 007 status. Adept at thwarting high level nefarious organizations. Master of seduction.
Evelyn Salt [ Salt ]CIA operative, suspected double agent. Soviet trained. Escape artist.
Jason Bourne [The Bourne Identity ]Rogue CIA operative. Trained as an assassin and subjected to behavior modifications. Resulted in enhanced combat, surveillance and evasion skills. Also...amnesia.
Ethan Hunt [ Mission: Impossible ]Senior IMF agent. Experienced at infiltration and extraction techniques. Prefers to use non-lethal force. Often works with team.
Jack Bauer [ 24 ]Former counter terrorism agent. Employs ruthless tactics to achieve objectives. Experienced interrogator.
Maxwell Smart [ Get Smart ]CONTROL agent. Imaginative problem solver. Highly resourceful.

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