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The Berlin _______ cut off food and power to west Berlin.
Who was US president during the beginning of the Cold War?
Who was the Soviet leader during the beginning of the Cold War?
What was the US foreign policy during the Cold War?
Senator _____ falsely accused people of being communist.
What is the economic system was based on the private ownership of businesses and farms?
Who was the communist leader of China in the beginning of the Cold War?
What economic system is based on the idea that farms and business should be owned by the workers who do the labor?
Who assisted North Korea in the Korean War?
What was the document that establish 'containment' as the official US foreign policy?
Meeting in Febuary 1945 where the Big Three met to discuss postwar Europea plans, which included holding free elections.
What was the document that warned of Soviet aggression and called for the policy of containment?
President Truman's pledge to check the spread of totalitarian aggression in Greece, Turkey, and the rest of the world
Conference in August 1945 where Germany was broken up into zones to be guided by the Grand Alliance.
US's $17 billion investment in the reconstruction of Europe. The European Recovery Plan.
The US and western European countries joined this military alliance to defend themselves against a possible Soviet attack
Eastern Europe's adoption of Soviet-style communism in which civil liberties are suspended, non-political parties are banned, and collectivization is implemented
The collective international communist organization responsible for promoting Marxist Communism
What was the term to describe a defiance or rejection of Stalinism?
President of South Korea during the Korean War
The division line that separated Korea into North and South
The Cold War is characterized as a time when the US and USSR were competing to spread their _____.
Commander of the UN forces that successfully push the North Korean forces into China
What two events significantly damaged the reputation of President Truman in 1949?
Famous speech that proclaimed the real possibility of Soviet aggression in Europe
What was the name of the time period where Americans were legitimately concerned about communist subversion in the US?
The high profile case in which two Americans were accused and convicted of committing episonage?
Who was the leader of North Korea and formed an alliance with China and the Soviet Union during the Korean War?
The Big Three who met at the in Feb. 1945 to discuss postwar plans for Europe
What is the term to describe Stalin's direct control in Sovietizing a country?
U.S. foreign affairs bureau specializing in espionage is created from the Office of Strategic Services
U.S. committee opens inquiry on communist influence in the film industry
The communist party leaders in this country stage a coup and take control of the government which persuades US republicans to support the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
President after Truman who assisted in the armistice to suspend the Korean War
Presidential Cabinent member that strongly opposed the policy of containment

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