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Can you name the Steam Powered Giraffe Songs from these lyrics that include the title of the song?

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What we all need is a ___
___/___/Waited so long I no longer care/I’m ___
Here I am, a meteoric stance as I give in, into ___
___/And the vice does bite
___, please come back into my life
Oh ___/Oh so cosmic/The planets pass through the starshine
Be wary of the ___/They want to nom on your blood
But my stubborn heart is rusted in its place/And all your ___ won't fill your outer space
Wind me up, turn the gears (___)
Set me free, my... ___
That's right! Now line right up, on your skates and everyone follow the/___
___/On the journey home, I passed by the moon
And now the story of ___
Well I’m ___/and everybody loves me, everybody loves/me-e-e-e-e-e
Everybody's going to the ___/Everybody wants to see the show
Well/That'll that'll that'll that'll that'll that'll that'll that'll/___
___/I'll rust with every one of you
___ burns much brighter when oxygen is the supplier
Oh yes we're in/Love with ___/Mother earth rebelled again
Come all, the ___ is here
You told me/You’d ___/___ till the mornin’ light
You must remember, you're ___/And you've come so far, don't give up now
___/He'll be a brave seafarer someday
___ love Saturday nights, Saturday nights
___/This one’s for you/___
___, you need to cut it out/You're burning up the galaxy
If I could___/I wouldn’t have to be afraid
It's a scary, ___/and there are scary, scary things
Hello, ___/I like your silly little hat
I've travelled oh so very far. Oh yes/___, is the best
Someday I might tire/Having walked through these fires/because I am ___
___, put on a show, do what you do best
She just a/___/If only/___
Please hear my plight, to save the green apple in the sky, from ___’s appetite, for depraved delights
Pray to me/I’m the ___
Born in dragon's blood/raised by a sorcerer/he learned the magic/___
Mister robut ah am ___
While we all partake in those/___
Turn the ignition and Hatchy Boy you’re ready to go/Far (Catch ___)
___, I don't know/I kind of like to take things slow
What's your ___/Don't be scared, it don't matter how you wear your hair
My name is ___, mission aborted coming home from endless nights
I'd kick down the sun for a ___
___/___/___/For my love song
___, seems to me more/like a circus wheel
I must never stop, until I am ___
We found ___/We found ___
Our heads are on right, we are just in an ___
I don’t believe in a ___, I won’t concede to all of that
And they feel like a heaven those/___/and they'll die on with me
That's why they called her/___/___/That girl was meant to fly
My love is over/___
Beautiful, ghostly ___/Strangely, corroding, my whole world
___ Saves The Day/A hero overnight
What to do if the screw turns loose/and there's nothing to gain ___ it to me
___/It's the truth that I dread
___ of a real fine life/This could be what it means to be alive
Who am I, who am I/but a ___?
___/making the best of it all
I'll keep you moving on/Like a ___, a ___, a ___
Well, it doesn't matter those ___, it's all about the words you choose
___ like I’ve been before/But I’m miles away I can’t see straight no more
___/Finest marksman in the west
___/Out in the sun
I've got a ___ to destiny
She was a/___/ Oh, ___
You were standing there all along, all along/Faces in the distance reaching out/___/___
Well ___/been trying to find a name for it
Baby, when you go to pieces/I could ___ out darling
With the grip of his hands he tore through the hull, dooming the ship and every woman and man/___-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Feels like I'm ___/On a shootin' star
Can't we live without all the bounds?/Our society is ___
It’s just our/Aaaaaaaaaah ___
I can feel it when you say you love me/Ooh, you give me ___

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