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Can you name the country which you would overfly on the most direct route between the given cities?

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Travelling on a direct line along the great circle between the two cities indicated, you will pass over one country (other than those in which the cities are themselves located). Name the relevant country in each case.
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CitiesOverflown Country
Honolulu, USA ⇨ Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reykjavik, Iceland ⇨ Miami, USA
London, UK ⇨ Ottawa, Canada
Perth, Australia ⇨ Mogadishu, Somalia
Auckland, New Zealand ⇨ Taipei, Taiwan
Bamako, Mali ⇨ Boston, USA
Jakarta, Indonesia ⇨ Wellington, New Zealand
Quito, Ecuador ⇨ Los Angeles, USA
Manila, Philippines ⇨ Melbourne, Australia
Monaco, Monaco ⇨ Timbuktu, Mali
Zürich, Switzerland ⇨ Tripoli, Libya
Nassau, Bahamas ⇨ Copenhagen, Denmark
Mombasa, Kenya ⇨ Yangon, Myanmar
CitiesOverflown Country
Beijing, China ⇨ Anchorage, USA
Maputo, Mozambique ⇨ Bangalore, India
Lisbon, Portugal ⇨ Havana, Cuba
Dakar, Senegal ⇨ La Paz, Bolivia
Bridgetown, Barbados ⇨ Brussels, Belgium
Stockholm, Sweden ⇨ Irkutsk, Russia
Doha, Qatar ⇨ Khartoum, Sudan
Christchurch, New Zealand ⇨ Winnipeg, Canada
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ⇨ Vladivostok, Russia
Cairo, Egypt ⇨ Skopje, Macedonia
Santiago, Chile ⇨ Cape Town, South Africa
Georgetown, Guyana ⇨ Bordeaux, France

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