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Can you name the rivers whose names can be written with element symbols?

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ElementsRiverOne country through which it flows is...
Rhodium Iodine NeonThe Netherlands
Tantalum YttriumUK
Iodine Silicon SulphurUK
Lithium Fluorine Iron YttriumIreland
Selenium Vanadium Erbium NitrogenUK
Neon NeonUK
Tungsten Einsteinium ErbiumGermany
Titanium Boron ErbiumItaly
Thorium Americium EinsteiniumUK
Rhodium Oxygen NeonSwitzerland
Oxygen BoronRussia
Gallium Nitrogen Germanium SulphurBangladesh
Protactinium Radium SodiumParaguay
Argon NobeliumItaly
Tellurium EinsteiniumUK
ElementsRiverOne country through which it flows is...
Oxygen Uranium SeleniumUK
Neon Carbon Potassium ArgonGermany
Iodine Neodymium Uranium SulphurIndia
Europium Phosphorus Hydrogen Radium Tellurium SulphurIraq
Yttrium Uranium Potassium Oxygen NitrogenCanada
Lanthanum Carbon Hydrogen Lanthanum NitrogenAustralia
Hydrogen Uranium Darmstadtium Oxygen NitrogenUSA
Carbon AmericiumUK
Phosphorus OxygenItaly
Iodine Selenium RheniumFrance
Oxygen Iodine SeleniumFrance
Oxygen Radium Nitrogen GermaniumSouth Africa
Vanadium ArgonFrance
Oxygen Hydrogen Iodine OxygenUSA
Selenium Iodine NeonFrance

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